Okay, so I just witnessed one of the most idiotic, rhetorical laden pieces of political propaganda advertising I have encountered in my lifetime.  Such an awful and pointless ad that I was compelled to immediately write about it. The group behind the ad, the Conservative Majority Fund.  Never heard of them.  After seeing this commercial, I realize my life was better before I had.

The CMF is a shining example of everything that is wrong with the current state of politics in this country.  Emotion too often outweighs intelligence, common sense even.  And all too often (okay, almost always), those emotions seem to be are based on rhetoric, propaganda, untruths.  Why people gravitate to these tactics is beyond me.  I can understand why the politicians and political interest groups put the propaganda out there.  What I don’t understand is how so many Americans buy it hook, line and sinker.  Over and over.  And over.  Is it laziness?  Stupidity?  Stubbornness?  Probably a bit of all three.

– plenty of legitimate reasons

– biased news

Against my better judgement, I have linked to a Youtube video of the ad below.  I apologize in advance.



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